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Recent research by the UK’s prestigious Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has highlighted real safety risks associated with poorly fitted windscreens including a marked affect on the vehicle’s handling and the correct operation of passenger airbags.

Here are Seven Life threatening risks of a poorly fitted windscreen

  • The report found the risk of serious or fatal injury increased by 3 to 40 times when passengers ejected, due to a windscreen falling out or shattering in an accident, compared to when they are retained inside the vehicle.
  • The research also showed that in vehicle roll overs, the displacement of the roof towards the occupant may increase by up to 30% if the windscreen is dislodged from the vehicle.
  • A correctly fitted windscreen is important to a vehicle’s handling characteristics, as it contributes to 34% of a passenger car’s stiffness.
  • A poorly bonded windscreen may also not remain in place after a pedestrian impact, increasing the risk of injury for the driver and passengers.
  • An incorrectly fitted windscreen is proven to affect the operation of the passenger airbag. When crash tests were carried out to FMVSS212 standards at a speed of 48kph, the unbonded windscreen was completely displaced and as a consequence, the passenger airbag inflated outside the confines of the vehicle and was incorrectly positioned when it was first struck by the dummy.
  • According to the TRL’s database, between 22 and 45 fatally injured occupants per year in the UK, might have been in travelling in vehicles that experienced a windscreen displacement.

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