Windscreen Replacement

'Your Safety is our Priority'

New Windscreens with an Outrageous Extended Warranty…
If You Break Your Windscreen again, LOCAL GUYS will Repair it or Replace it for FREE! For not just 1, BUT 3 years!
  • Free Windscreen Replacement or Repair FOR 3 YEARS. That’s Right, You Break it, we fix or Replace it FREE!
  • Lifetime Warranty on Our Workmanship – If it Leaks, We Fix It FREE and Give You $50 For Your Inconvenience!
  • Local Bonus $85 Gift Voucher a Free windscreen repair! Keep it or give it away to a friend.

Your safety is not worth entrusting to the lowest bidder– Why risk the danger of a cheap or badly fitted windscreen falling out in an accident, when you can get the best quality at a reasonable rate from the Local Guys!


A Recent study shows incorrectly fitted windscreens can have an impact on vehicle handling and passenger airbag deployment, as well as exposing you to a much greater risk of serious injury or deathRead More

Windscreen Replacement

When your windscreen is beyond repair and must be replaced, you can trust the Local Guys to save the day.

Our skilled technicians are qualified to replace all glass in any make or model of car to the highest safety standards!

We use only the highest quality glass that has been certified to meet Australian Standard for Windscreens.

And we’re the only windscreens replacement company on the Sunshine Coast who will give you an Outrageous Guaranteeon our workmanship!

Our expert technicians offer the following services:

  • Cut Flat Laminated Glass to Size
  • Cut mirror glass to Size for your Rear View Mirror
  • Replace the side and rear glass on all Vehicles
  • Replace all glass on trucks, busses and machinery
  • Reseal leaking windscreens.
  • Windscreen Repairs.

Just look at the difference when you do it with a local:

  • You save money, as we don’t have the big overheads of the national chains.
  • You get the same quality as the national chains and auto-membership clubs, at the same price or better!
  • You benefit from our 25 years of experience in windscreen replacement, repair and tinting
  • We take no short cuts, ensuring your safety.
  • We send 2 Technicians on every job and use the correct fitting materials
  • We do our best to provide same day service!
  • We do your work at a time and place that suits you best.
  • Workshop Service – relax with a free freshly made Real Cappuccino in our comfy waiting room while we do your repairs.
  • Mobile service FREE in most areas.
  • The Triple Safe Warranty

And best of all a guarantee that will let you drive away with confidence!

Call us today for fair prices and GREAT LOCAL SERVICE FROM THE LOCAL GUYS! Call Now On: 07 543 88 777

The Local Guys Is A Registered Member Of The Auto Glass Association