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Local Guys are a Local Family Owned Business that combines 25+ years of industry experience with additional benefits you just can’t get from a franchise!

The Local Guys Margery and Darren started in the industry way back in Bundaberg in 1990 when they bought the window tinting and windscreen repair business Darren worked for. The owner was going broke and it was a case of “buy it and fix it or find another job”. Fixing it was hard work, but Margery and Darren were determined to do whatever it took to get the business up and running.

Darren worked the business by day and drove taxis by night, while Margery worked as a nurse until they were on their feet. Before long, Darren’s passion paid off and they’d built up a steady stream of loyal customers, who promoted the business to their friends and family. Darren became so busy, Margery had to quit her nursing job and help him.

The early windscreen tinting and repair businesses were franchises and Margery and Darren would consistently win awards every year as they were continually improving the business. After a few short years, they had grown to have 8 full-time staff.

Their experience working with franchises proved to be invaluable, allowing them to appreciate the importance of systems to keep the quality of the work consistent, with different staff members all producing high quality work. But there was a downside. Franchise fees kept prices high and sometimes there were problems with management.

Combining Extensive Industry Experience with a level of Customer Care you just can’t get from a Franchise!

So after providing 19 years of consistent quality, Margery and Darren decided it was time to take the next step. They sold the franchises and moved to the Sunshine Coast where they could follow their dream.

Local Guys was set up to combine their extensive industry experience with the additional customer benefits that you simply can’t offer when you’re part of a franchise. Margery and Darren wanted a professional yet local business that wasn’t sending profits out of their own community. A business where the customer came first – where the service was so good, people would promote it to their friends and the money saved on advertising could go back into providing better service.

Margery and Darren have four children, two sons and two daughters. Both sons, Jay and Ryan now enjoy working in the business with their parents.

As a community service, Margery and Darren also act as foster parents, helping young men with an introduction to the workforce, where they learn customer service and hands on skills that can set them up for their working lives.

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