Electronic Rust Protection

Outstanding 10 Year Warranty On Both New & Used Cars

Protect Your Vehicle From Rust for 10 Years, Guaranteed…
With scientifically proven electronic rust protection!

If you enjoy living in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, your vehicle will be more prone to damage from rust. Aside from decreasing the value of your car, rust affects unseen components like bearings, brakes and other moving parts. Neglecting rust can result inexpensive repair bills and the risk of components failing and leaving you stranded somewhere when your car breaks down.

Rust protection is a necessity for vehicles on the Sunshine Coast
Electronic Rust Protection
Our electronic rust protection is so good, we give you An Amazing 10 year Warranty on both new and used cars!

Introducing Protektor, a scientifically proven electronic method of rust protection, an Australian innovation, developed right here in Queensland! Protektor is tested on vehicles in the harshest environment on Earth- Salt Flat and Wharves.

Electronic Rust Protection
If Protektor works here it will work on your vehicle guaranteed!
How does Protektor work?

Rusting is an electrochemical process that occurs when iron or steel is exposed to oxygen and moisture for a long period of time.

The oxygen slowly combines with the iron at an atomic level and a new compound called an oxide forms. The bonds of the metal itself then weaken.

The Protektor unit runs continually, hooked up to your vehicle battery, to induce a strong negative electrolysis charge into the structure of the vehicle. This interferes with the electrical charge between iron and oxygen so it becomes hard for them to combine to form rust. It works 24 hours/day protecting every part of your vehicle from corrosion.

Electronic Rust Protection
There are 7 compelling reasons to use the Local Guys Electronic rust protection:
  • No expensive coating is required for your vehicle, just a simple installation of a small electronic unit which will charge your vehicle, interfering with the oxidisation process.
  • It will greatly increase the life and the resale value of your vehicle!
  • The parts of your vehicle that cannot be coated with standard rust protection are also protected, like bearings, brakes and other moving parts.
  • The unit can be transferred to another vehicle if you sell your car or get a new one.
  • Save thousands of dollars on vehicle maintenance due to damage from rust.
  • An amazing 10 year warranty on both new and used vehicles, (from date of manufacture)
  • Quick installation – All vehicles Fitted in under 1 hour!
PROTEKTOR is the most technologically advanced rust protection system available today, preventing rust on almost any steel structure from cars, 4×4’s and boat trailers through to earthmoving and mining equipment, buildings and towers.


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