Headlight Restoration

Clearer brighter Vision

Headlight Restoration by YOUR LOCAL GUYS gives you up to 50% more light making night time driving safer for you and your family.

Headlight Restoration

All vehicle headlight enclosures come from the factory with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ultra violet protective coating.

These OEM enclosures are polymer based, as is the coating, and they are bonded together prior to installation under intense UV light to assure an optically clear, durable and long lasting life. However, over time, Mother Nature’s natural sunlight will cause the headlight lens to slowly oxidise and turn cloudy, or dis-coloured, producing not just a poor cosmetic appearance, but actually restricting the brightness of the headlights.

This discolouration process is climate related the lens may last much longer in an area with little intense sunlight, like our Southern States, Victoria, New South Wales & South Australia, than in an area with penetrating sunlight like Queensland.

When this occurs there are really only two options,

Replacement or Restoration.

Replacement can be a very expensive alternative at hundreds of dollars per set.

Headlight restoration is a very cost effective solution and your LOCAL GUYS expert technicians can easily restore it.

Headlight Restoration by our expert technicians will:

  • Save you Hundreds of $’s.
  • Restore your night time vision.
  • Make your car look cleaner giving you better resale.
  • Restore your vehicle to Roadworthy Condition.
Headlight Restoration

What If I Don’t Restore My Headlights?

Having your headlights in this condition are considered unroadworthy and could attract attention and fines you do not want.

Your night vision will be reduced by as much as 50% making driving very dangerous for you and your family.


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