Windscreen Repairs

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Windscreen Repairs with a Lifetime MORE than YOUR Money Back Guarantee… Get that chip Repaired Now Before it Costs You a New Windscreen and Hundreds of dollars!

Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Those tiny chips and cracks will continue to spread until they are dangerous and render your car unroadworthy.

And with a Lifetime Warranty* on our work, there’s no reason to put off that repair any longer. Look at the risk:

Windscreen Repairs

We can easily repair most windscreens to Australian standards, depending on the type and size of the damage. Usually, if your chip or crack is smaller than the size of a $1 coin and is not in the drivers’ line of vision, we can repair it. Things like bullseye or star shaped cracks and chips can be repaired when they initially happen, but once they start to spread, it becomes a windscreen replacement.

Most windscreens we replace started out with small chips or cracks that could have been repaired!

The vibration from the car driving, as well as the expansion and contraction from hot days and cool nights can quickly turn a minor chip into an expensive replacement windscreen.

Windscreen Repairs

Our windscreen repairs focus on restoring strength!

The windscreen repairs are designed to restore the strength to the windscreen so that it is safe and the chip won’t spread further, but you will still see a small mark where the crack began. You will see a vast improvement in optical clarity, but the stone chip will never totally disappear.

Don’t delay and risk losing hundreds of dollars! Call us now for a free quote and assessment! It may save you the cost of a replacement.


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